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Frequently Asked Questions

Getting into a workplace injury can leave you with more questions than answers. In order to take the necessary action to benefit your best interests, you may need some information fast. Here are some answers to commonly asked questions courtesy of Eric Nass.

Am I entitled to Workers’ Compensation?

Nearly all New York state employees are entitled to Workers’ Compensation benefits.  New York state law requires that nearly all employers obtain Workers’ Compensation insurance for their employees. Some examples of employees NOT covered are New York City uniformed police officers and firefighters.

Do I have a case?

If you suffered more than a minor injury in the course of your employment, you likely have a Workers’ Compensation case.  The amount of monetary benefit is dependent on the severity of your injury as well as other factors.

What do I do after my accident?

Immediately report your injury to your supervisor, seek medical attention from a doctor for your injuries and advise them you were injured at work and contact a Workers’ Compensation lawyer.

How long will it take to receive my compensation?

It can take anywhere from two weeks to many months to receive your compensation.  The sooner you contact a lawyer, the less delay there will be.

Do I need an attorney?

It is not required but every insurance company has attorneys working for them, so why wouldn’t you have one working for you? Even though Workers’ Compensation is a workplace benefit, there is no guarantee you will receive the benefits you deserve. Your lawyer can help you maximize the compensation you receive while also avoiding any mistakes that may lose you your case or cost you significant money.

How does a Workers’ Compensation attorney get paid?

There is no risk in speaking with an attorney, as the consultation is free and your attorney only gets paid if they obtain benefits for you.

Can I file a lawsuit in addition to a Workers’ Compensation claim?

Except in very rare circumstances, you cannot file a lawsuit against your employer.  However, if your injuries were caused by an individual other then a co-worker or your employer you may have the ability to file a lawsuit in addition to a Workers’ Compensation case.  Eric Nass has long-standing relationships with attorneys throughout the state of New York who could assist with a potential lawsuit.

If I have injured the same body part before, can it be claimed in my current Workers’ Compensation case?

Yes, you can, except in the rarest of circumstances.  Please note that it is important to notify all healthcare providers and your Workers’ Compensation attorney of any prior history to body parts injured in your work accident.

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