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Important Workers’ Compensation Information

Although Workers’ Compensation is a legal entitlement, there is a lot the typical person does not know about workers’ compensation. After a workplace injury, information can be vital in your pursuit of the fair and full compensation you deserve. Thankfully, you can get the facts you need with the help of a skilled attorney.

Eric Nass can help you navigate and provide the necessary guidance to get through a workers’ compensation claim with the benefit of his decades of experience. He proudly helps the workers of New York recover from their injuries by using his expertise of workers’ compensation.

How Workers’ Compensation Can Help You

Because a workplace injury can come with many different consequences, workers’ compensation offers benefits for various types of financial and physical loss associated with your workplace injury. A workers’ compensation lawyer can help ensure that your settlement from your injury claim covers costs like:

  • Current and future medical expenses of your injuries, such as operations, treatment and medication and other health care needs
  • Lost income resulting from the time you spent recovering from your injuries
  • Lump sum permanency awards frequently worth tens of thousands of dollars and occasionally six figures
  • Survivor benefits for the family of the deceased employee, including weekly cash payments and compensation to cover the cost of memorial and funeral expenses

Each workers’ compensation case is different.  Clients require an attorney who can custom tailor the approach to their individual needs.  Eric Nass’ accessibility and experience allows him to do just that.

Begin Seeking Your Fair Compensation

Eric Nass has extensive experience representing clients through challenging worker’s compensation claims. There is no guarantee that you will receive the full compensation you deserve but you can increase your odds by retaining a skilled attorney who will put your needs first.

It can take weeks or longer to receive the compensation you need for your injuries. Don’t let errors made without legal representation reduce your benefits.  If you were hurt while working, now is the best time to reach out to Eric Nass by calling 212-300-9880 or emailing him here today.